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Feeling overwhelmed with the many responsibilities that come with caring for an aging loved one? We bring peace to your daily life by offering comprehensive care management. We will help you navigate different care options and streamline the communication between clients and their healthcare professionals from the older adult with no family members to help to the family that is so busy with life they need an extra hand. We work to reduce your worry and make the next steps as easy as possible.

Our mission is to reduce stress for families by bringing a sense of peace. Contemplating the various care options for a loved one can seem impossible... let us help you take the next steps. 


Let's Explore

We provide a complimentary consultation by phone to explore your loved one’s needs.  We will discuss your goals walking you through the ways we can assist in the details from managing your loved one’s everyday care to coordinating healthcare visits.

The Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive in-home or telehealth assessment to review medical concerns, cognitive and functional status, daily living challenges and mobility, as well as your financial, legal, social,  and spiritual support systems.

Working Cafe

The Report

We compile a formal report based on your priorities, offer specific recommendations, and review it with all relevant parties.  Based on years of firsthand experience in the industry we make referrals to various professionals, services, and programs we have relationships with.  Our top priority is ensuring all your loved one's needs are met giving you peace of mind. 

Plan of Action

Finally, we pull all of the pieces together addressing every aspect of the plan for health, safety, personal fulfillment, and peace of mind.  We tailor our services to your individual needs partnering with you to balance your personal work and family life with your loved one's changing needs. 


Our Services Include



Support for Aging at Home Independently

Living Arrangement

+ Relocation





Caregiver Support

+ Resources



Ongoing Care


Legal + Financial


Story Time

Client Stories

Jeanie takes amazing care of her client's well being. At first I thought she only addressed nursing care and providing in-home care - Wow was I wrong!! She provides  Daily Money Management, Senior Move Management, Dementia Care Consulting... if they don't handle it, she has professional partners to ensure great care of her client's needs.

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Let us help you take the next steps.

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